Sell assets like services. With services. And earn more.  it!

Case Study

One of our first customers was a 25 year old ICT-company and we monitored results of the first 38 contracts they made with the akapital model. This ICT company sell assets bundled with a service contracts. In this study, assets financed were  368 000 euros and estimated contract lifetime value 520 000 euros. While the study shows significant increase in profitability, the increased profit of the ICT company did not come from its customers. Instead, the profit was a result of reallocating margin already in the value chain.

Increase in contract profitability

Increased profitability was the number one reason why companies took interest in the akapital model.


Company can easily manage content and properties of contracts which then will be immediately available to users.

New way of doing it!

Customers are interested in of the new way of doing the decades old tasks in an intuitive way.

Key features

use your preferred financing partner, or have us recommend you one.

contract, service and asset manager

documents related to selling your product or service may be time consuming to produce. It may also be time consuming to ensure all in sales use the latest versions of the documents. We have a solution for you.

have us invoice on your behalf. Receivables management is time consuming, and at the same time essential for smooth and fast cash turns.